Our nation is at a turning point when it comes to health care.  The decisions we make will impact generations to come. It is critical that we make sure, as we work to improve our system, that we do it openly and receive honest and informed feedback from the people most affected by the proposed changes. 

The bill that Washington Republicans are proposing is extremely flawed and, importantly, the process to pass it has been anything but transparent. The process on legislation as impactful as this needs to be public and accessible so lawmakers and voters alike can debate and assess the best solutions. It should be a top priority of all lawmakers to make sure every citizen is aware of the what is being done and the changes being made.

The bottom line on health care is that we must:

  1. Make sure health care is affordable and available to every American, without discriminating against those with preexisting conditions.
  2. Defend and strengthen Medicare & Medicaid;
  3. Make certain that veterans are getting the support that they need and have earned;
  4. Keep premiums low for small businesses so that they can continue to grow
  5. Support preventative care so that the ER does not become the first line of defense.

The Congressional Budget office has estimated that passing D.C. Republicans’ bill would increase premiums for millions of Americans and lead to 22 million Americans becoming uninsured by 2018. It would also create instability in the marketplace and increase premiums for hardworking families, especially the elderly.